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For 2024 we are bringing a new thing to the world of drifting.


We couldn't really identify what is this thing so we decided to call it IIWII which are the initials of It Is What It Is.


Our idea with this project was to bring for drift enthusiasts a wider access to the thrilling world of drifting.


From our nearly 20 years of experience as a drift team, a drift school, and, of course, as drift fans, we have created what we believe to be the ultimate platform for drifting.




We thought about all the elements that can be upgraded in drifting and came to a decision first, to design a new type of drift car from scratch. A unique car that will be produced in a production line.

Basically, IIWII is the first production drift car in the world, a car that is designed and built intentionally and exclusively for drifting.


Our goals before starting developing the IIWII were:

That it will be very easy to handle and very intuitive to control car so the driver will be able to connect perfectly and progress as fast as possible with his drifting skills.

That it will be as fast and quick as a top spec competition drift car. 

That it will give the driver an extraordinary fun sensation in a safe environment.

That it will be extremely reliable, being quick to produce and repair, cheap to maintain and with no damage while 2 cars make a common contact in Tandem battles.

And last but not least, that it will be a perfect platform to initiate the first ever drift cup competition in the world, were all cars are identical.

In order to achieve all of this advantages and to reach our goals, we came to a natural decision, to build a very light-weight tubular chassis to be the basic platform for our IIWIIs.

My Way chassis 2.jpg

After 3 years of testing and developing with several kinds of prototypes, we finally came up with the final result to be the master version chassis, that is being used now in the production version of the IIWII


A light weight long wheel based tubular chassis with a front mid V8 engine layout, where all the essential parts centered between the 4 wheels of the car for quick maneuvering and easy to control handling. 

The driver position was designed to be very close to the rear axle, so it could give a perfect weight balance, and maximum feedback from the chassis alongside an extreme thrill for the driver.


For high reliability and low-cost maintenance we chose to use a stock V8 power train unit with high availability of spare parts in the market. 


The beautiful IIWII body panels were designed by the well-known Australian car designer Wizzoo7.

He designed the parts specifically to be in a position that no damage can happen to the car when touching another car in Tandem battles.


The result is phenomenal! A beautiful, very quick and easy to handle, reliable and affordable pro spec drift car. With an impressive power to weight ratio of 300hp on 780kg.

A type of car that opens a new chapter in the exciting world of drifting.

Whether you are a beginner in drifting or a professional drifter, and if you wish to drift in IIWII, you are warmly welcome to join us in Budapest, Hungary, to explore for yourself and experience an extraordinary drifting thrill with IIWII.



Our fleet of IIWIIs is available for driving at MYWAY Drift School's courses and at the 'IIWII World Drift Cup' drift championship, which will launch in the near future.

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